Music In The Grand Tradition

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Three In One

  • Three In One
Tracks on this CD:

1. Prague (Praha) Polka
2. Beer Barrel Polka
3. Polish Piano Polka
4. Don't Drop Those Tears In My Beer, Dear (Waltz)
5. Aunt Ella's Polka
6. Honor Polka
7. I'm Coming Waltz
8. Sugar Loaf Waltz
9. Ha Ha Ho Ho Polka
10. EIEIEIO Polka (vocal)
11. Minnesota Polka
12. Charlie Was A Boxer
13. Old Soldier's Schottische
14. Matilda Polka
15. Po Kevtinci Waltz
16. Lakeside Waltz
17. Rain Rain Polka
18. Sunday Afternoon Polka
19. Schneider Polka
20. Zephyr Waltz
21. Blue Lady Laendler
22. Cry Baby Cry Polka
23. Mary Lou Polka
24. Tinker Polka
25. Red Raven Polka
26. Nano Nano Polka
27. Falling Apples Laendler
28. Grandpa's Clock
29. Happy Boys Schottische
30. I Want A Girl Polka
31. Goodnight, Irene




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